Ludwig van Beethoven
Sketches for Piano Sonata in E, Opus 109, Second Movement
Dr. William Kinderman, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

Drafts 1a and 1b
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Draft 1a and 1b, found on page 35, stave 10 - 15.

Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 1a
Earlier version (1a) incorporates figures noted on stave 9/10 above, measures 1 and  4;
Later version (1b) uses same figure but at a third below, as notated with the rest of the figure in staves 10-15.
Parallel to the drafts above are these, found at the bottom of page 35,
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Parallel 1
and continued on the top of page 36.
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Parallel 2

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