Ludwig van Beethoven
Sketches for Piano Sonata in E, Opus 109, Second Movement
Dr. William Kinderman, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

Draft 5
Draft 5a begins on page 37, staves 7 - 8 as in Drafts 3 and 4.  It skips the small notes of stave 7 and 8, continuing with the larger notes on staves 10 and the lower continuation in the middle of stave 10. The "30" at the end of this system denotes an index to its continuation on page 39, stave 9.

Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 5a 1
Staves 8 and 9 on page 39 continue the idea in the bass clef.  It continues through the system, leaving out insertions and questionable notes, to the upper voice in stave 8. This continues to the third notated bar of stave 10 (in two voices), which then connects with the second bar of stave 12/11 and 13/12 to the two F#'s in the middle of the system. A falling circle of fifths sequence then takes the idea to the end of page 39.
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 5a 2
A speculative continuation of this idea is on page 40, stave 7 through stave 7/8. This uses a later revised version through to stave 9 for a double ending. After the first ending, he returns to "Vi=100" on page 37 for the repeat to the second ending.
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 5a 3
Upon this second ending, he returns to a statement of the theme in A minor in the bass (noted on page 38, stave 6-8)
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 5a 4
Draft 5a audio
Example 5b is identical to 5a, except that it incorporates the two bar insert on page 39, stave 8, and takes the lower voice at the end of that system, continuing on the stave below. This creates an extended version of the above.
Draft 5b Audio

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