Ludwig van Beethoven
Sketches for Piano Sonata in E, Opus 109, Second Movement
Dr. William Kinderman, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

Draft 6a, 6b, and 6c
Drafts 6a, 6b, and 6c begin on page 42 and extend into page 43 as the continuity draft of the exposition. Draft 6a starts with the original, crossed out version on stave 5/6, last two measures, continuing to the lower voice on stave 9 (crossed out as well). This then continues through page 42 and 43 to the end of the exposition on page 42, staves 11 and 12.

Draft 6a audio
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 6a
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 6b
Draft 6b is the same as above, except it takes the upper voice on page 42, stave 9, bars 1-3.
Draft 6b audio
Draft 6c uses only the uncancelled material on page 42 and is extended. This goes from page 42, stave 6, last two bars, to stave 9 after the crossed out material (beginning with the E quarter note). The extention is on page 43. From the last two bars of staves 4 and 5, take the Vi=de (the Vi= connects with =de below) to stave 14. This then reconnects with the previous material, via the "100"s, to staves 8 and 9. This then continues to the end of the exposition, closing in B minor as before.
Draft 6c audio

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