Ludwig van Beethoven
Sketches for Piano Sonata in E, Opus 109, Second Movement
Dr. William Kinderman, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

Draft 7a and 7b
Draft 7a consists of the continuity draft of the second half of the movement. Starting on the first system of page 44, it continues all the way down to page 45, systems 3 and 4 (second system), and going on to the bottom of the page. Taking the repeat marks where written (page 44, stave 9 and 10, and page 45 staves 13 and 14), it then concludes at the bottom of page 45 in E major. (Figures not written were filled in to accompany the repeating sequence at the bottom of page 45, stave 13 and 14.)

Draft 7a audio
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 7a 1
Beethoven, Opus 109 - Draft 7a 2
Draft 7b is the same as above, except the repeated sequence on page 45, staves 13 and 14, then go on to the top of the page, staves 1 and 2 (noted "Ende" by Beethoven), which concludes in e minor.
Draft 7b audio

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